!!! Czech Running Tours supports DAVID CHRISTOF and his 30 MARATHONS IN 30 days for the SAFE DRINKING WATER !!!

24/11/2011 13:55

Hello to all active friends and all people who care about  the environment and our planet. We would like to share with you this amazing adventure of David Christof, who happened to be a runner who would like to achieve this amazing goal - run 30 marathons in 30 days and all for a good thing - Safe Drinking Water!

He claims that it is self supported run.  However this adventure will cost a lot of time and effort and he would appreciate any extra support from other people as well. So please like his facebook page and post this on your blogs and websites. He needs to have at least 1000 fans to approach potential corporate clients. It is for the BLUE PLANET !!!


David Christof

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We would be happy to share with you other news in this new section and also how is David achieving his goal!

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