Another great philantrophic journey of David Christof, our running tour guide!

01/01/2015 00:00

Another great philantrophic journey of David Christof, our running tour guide!

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Project description:
-To inspire students to be more physically active, David Christof will be running 21 marathons between January and June, 2015 across the United States and Canada
-To fundraise $21,000 to build two sustainable bore-well projects at rural schools in Uganda for vulnerable children
-To speak at over 21 universities, schools and community forums around USA, educating students and communities about the world water crisis 

From January to June 2015, David Christof (+his wife and son) will carry out a philanthropic, educational project “Run Around USA for Safe Drinking Water”. David will run a marathon (20+1 in total) each week and present at local schools to educate students about the world water crisis and to inspire them to be more physically active. By personal example and engaging speaking, he will inspire students to care about global issues, be active, pursue their dreams, but most importantly, David will show them that one person really CAN make a difference. Each week, students can ‘assist’ David with his postings and share information about their city, school and why they feel safe water is important. The last marathon will include media and will take place in the Czech Republic at the end of June, 2015. Throughout this whole journey, David and his family will be fundraising for two sustainable bore-well water projects at school in Uganda designed and implemented by Drink Local. Drink Tap., a member of Blue Planet Network/Thrive Networks. In July of 2015, David will travel to Uganda with Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc. to “hand over” the fundraised money and to help start the water projects.

Major stops of the journey: San Francisco-Los Angeles-San Diego-Tucson-El Paso-Houston-New Orleans-Atlanta-Washington, D.C.-Philadelphia-New York City-Boston-Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Buffalo-Cleveland-Cincinnati-Traverse City-Minneapolis-Seattle-Portland-San Francisco